Chicken Piccata (Lemon Chicken)

chicken piccata (lemon chicken)

This is a family favourite that I’ve been making for years.  It’s a classic and I’ve been asked several times to post the recipe and method.  It is essentially easy with relatively few ingredients, however, it does involve some technique.  Once you complete the recipe following all the steps, you will have a good understanding  of it’s simplicity but also of the necessity of the technicalities. It is fairly quick to prepare (and even moreso when you know how to do it), but I find prepping the ingredients ahead allows you to cook it quickly and efficiently.  I use coconut milk but feel free to substitute 35% cream. Continue reading

Blueberry Scone Cake

Blueberry Scone Cake

I love this little cake so much. Not only is it original and easy, but it’s absolutely delicious. It will always be special to me since it is the last recipe I shared with my dear friend Chris before she passed away.  We loved cooking together and sharing recipes, and I’ve been thinking about her so much, I felt compelled to share this recipe here.   This cake is awesome for anytime of day, including breakfast.  It’s buttery moistness and all around deliciousness will (hopefully) make you very  happy. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Beet Salad

Beet Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette

That’s right. I said salad.  No truffles, cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, mousses or cakes.  Salad. It’s February and I know for me, it’s my natural instinct to commit “carbicide” — I want to make a cake and some peanut butter cups and cookies and stuff them into my face. But I’m going to be controlled and dedicated to eating healthily. Seriously, the party’s over. I’ve been on a binge ever since the beginning of December and now my pants are getting tight and my boobs are looking huge and I’ve got to take control. So. Here’s your Valentine Guilt-free Salad. It’s delicious anyway and it looks cute. Continue reading