Asian Maple-Ginger Pork



This recipe is an old standby that I’ve been making forever.  With  my kids all over the planet and cooking on their own, I thought I better put this one out into the world with them.  It’s great – easy, fast and delish – the tender pork just makes it so good.  It’s comfort food in our home. I prefer to use  ‘tamari’ over ‘soya sauce’.  It’s milder and available in gluten free – so try that if you aren’t a regular user of it – you’ll probably never use soya sauce again. Continue reading

Cranberry Lemon Ricotta Cake

Cranberry-Lemon Ricotta Cake

I couldn’t resist a basket of freshly harvested organic cranberries at the farmer”s market this morning.  Since I was making this ricotta cake today, I simply topped it with some of these tart little jewels. Check it out – this recipe is adapted from a traditional Italian recipe and I’ve modiified it so that it contains less sugar, spelt flour (which is a non-gmo ancient wheat grain), and  added a bit of vanilla.  So, the cake maintains it’s moist lemony goodness, but is Canadianized with cranberry and pear.   This will be really good for Thanksgiving dinner or  If you want an everyday cake to have on the counter for the weekend, or a birthday cake for a loved one or an excellent dessert for a dinner party – it’s really versatile because it’s just damn good.  The gluten-free version can be found here: GF Ricotta Cake,  You can also find a pictorial tutorial at that link if you have questions or need direction. Continue reading