S’more Chocolate Birthday Cake

Here’s an idea for a birthday cake I made today. It’s a chocolate layer cake that I  made from scratch, but use your favourite chocolate cake recipe, out of a box is fine.  I melted about 15 marshmallows with 3 tbsp of butter, and added that to a pre-packaged tub of white icing. I refrigerated that until it firmed up a bit. Frosted the cake, added some crumbled graham crackers in the center and sprinkled on top. Made chocolate shards and stuck them in. Quite dramatic looking, wouldn’t you say? Quite delicious too. Serve with ice cream. Fun!

*I learned how to make the chocolate shards from a youtube video. I can’t seem to locate it now, but if I find it again, I’ll post it.

add graham crumbs on top of icing in center

finish icing your cake

add your shards and have fun doing it.

3 responses to “S’more Chocolate Birthday Cake

  1. If the Swedish Birthday cake is anything like this one, sign me up! Oh, Happy Birthday to me!! It is great to be friends with Andrea and especially during birthday time!!

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