Easy Afternoon Platter on the Patio

Since ‘chacuterie’ (prepared and preserved meats) seems to be the trend these days, this platter of cured meats and old cheeses was just the answer for an afternoon with company on the patio. Try to find a good local  source for some of these delicacies. I love to have some on hand in the fridge — great if company shows up unexpectedly…with a cold beer or nice glass of wine or a spritzer, it’s hospitable and tastes great too.  Put out some mustard, pickles and olives and Bob’s yer uncle. 😉

*For my local readers, these products come from our newest business on Rd. 38 “Seed to Sausage” – no antibiotics/hormones, ethically raised, etc. (amazing breakfast sausage as well). You can sample his products at the Sharbot Lake Farmer’s market (at the beach) on Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm.

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