Grandma’s Christmas Pudding – A Heritage Recipe

Grandma's Traditional Christmas pudding

Grandma’s Traditional Christmas pudding

This recipe comes to me via my Aunt Julia.  I was eager to try it as something I’ve never made before and I was excited to recreate my grandmother’s recipe.  I had to track down a ‘pudding mold’ and luckily, my friend Julie loaned me hers and included an appropriate sized pot to steam it in.  So. This ‘pudding’ is really what  Canadians would consider more of a ‘cake’, however, this pudding is cooked by method of steaming instead of baking.  The result is a moist Christmas pudding rich with nuts and fruit and just the smell alone will bring back memories of  childhood Christmas dinners. Continue reading

Healthy Nutty Balls

Heathy Nutty Balls

Heathy Nutty Balls


I’m a confirmed cookie addict and since cookies make me fat, I was thrilled when my friend, Marleen, made these nutty balls at a luncheon at her house.  Since then, I’ve been experimenting with the recipe ratios and making various flavours of nutty balls.  They are a delicious yet healthy snack (and gluten free), and even if you eat three of them a day, you won’t gain weight! I know this from experience.  Also, I love how I can eat this and not feel guilty–it’s got lots of omega-3’s and fibre.   So, play around with different types of nuts, flavourings  and coatings.  Try adding dried fruit and or cocoa.  I don’t stray from the maple syrup as a sweetener– I just think it’s so much healthier for you than sugar.  So. If you want or love a sweet treat after dinner or at midnight, make a batch of these and keep them in the freezer– they are best served very cold. Cheers. 🙂 Continue reading

Strawberry Almond Mini Cakes

fireworks at Sharbot Lake beach

Strawberry Almond Mini Cakes

Happy Canada Day!  Here’s an easy and delicious little cake that takes advantage of fresh strawberries.

These come together quickly and easily.  They are more dense than a traditional muffin, made with ground almonds, egg whites and a bit of flour. The addition of freshly crushed seasonal stawberries makes this a great recipe. Give them a try while the berries are in – you can keep them simple or fancy them up with some whipped cream and extra berries on the side.  The recipe is from Anna Olsen and we all know what a great (Canadian) baker she is. Continue reading

Rhubarb Cake with Cinnamon Crunch Topping

rhubarb cake with cinnamon crunch topping

I was wondering what to make with some fresh rhubarb from the farmer’s market…when I saw this recipe, I gave it a whirl. So good!  It’s a buttermilk batter and it’s just so creamy and delightful…with some rhubarby tartness and cinnamon crunch on top. A keeper. Easy too. Continue reading

Triple Layer Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Everyone needs an excellent carrot cake recipe.  There are many carrot cake variations and it seems as though all of them are delicious.  I’m posting this one as the quickest and easiest without sacrificing flavour or texture and it of course has a cream cheese frosting.  This one is made in three 9 inch round pans, but I think you could easily do it in two 10 inchers or even a 9 x 13.  Just adjust your baking time accordingly.  Give this a try next time your having a birthday dinner, everyone loves carrot cake. Continue reading