Nomad’s Rest Bed and Breakfast

A room with a view

I’ve had the pleasure to get to know the owner of a local B&B, Nomad’s Rest (Arden, Ontario), Linda Trembley. She is a passionate artist and person who loves people, art and food and manages to incorporate beauty into everything she does. Her bed in breakfast is beautifully designed, immaculately clean, soothingly comfortable with beautiful grounds. Linda will make you feel welcome with her warm persona and her delicious food which goes beyond breakfast.  You can find out more about it at her website. (click the ‘website’ word to go to her website)

Linda recently held an event, “Vernissage” – to showcase a young photographer’s work. (Savannah Cronk). I have been giving Linda some cooking classes over the winter and spring and together we put together a spread of delicious and elegant dessert bites for the art show. Enjoy this pictoral tour of the day.

Comfortable and elegant

cozy and restful

peaceful dining area

brownie lollipops, white choc raspberry cheesecakes, jam filled pufflets

lemon drop cookies

these brownie lollipops (without the sticks yet) were so cool looking and delicious

strawberry soup shooters with black pepper

watermelon mojitos

A lovely day was had by all 🙂

3 responses to “Nomad’s Rest Bed and Breakfast

  1. Fabulous photos once again, Andrea! I think Anderson tried each of these desserts 3 times over!! They were a hit!

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